Get out of my comfort zone

I admit I am a homebody person.  I grew up staying at home doing household chores instead of playing outside with my friends because my mother died when I am nine.  It was a tragic experience for me because I am still young and dependent to my mother.  Although I have an older sister, however, she is still young when mother left us.  The mother’s death made us into a responsible human being.  Because I stay at home most of my teenage life, the house and my home is my favorite place.  I find peace and feel relax.

But recently, I felt so bored at home.  Maybe because I am older and been in my comfort zone most of the time.  I did not able to explore what is outside really because I prefer to stay at home.  Thinking about what I have missed makes me realize that I guess it is time to get out of my comfort zone.  I need to go out, unwind, go to places I want to and explore the world around me.  It is never too late for me to do it.  Thinking about it makes me so excited.  I do hope I am able to do things that I have missed while I am at home.

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