Their life in rural place

After their wedding day, the brother and his wife stayed for few days in their in-laws.  They will be fixing everything before moving to their new house.  I am excited when they will be moving to their house because their house is near ours.  However, months pass still their house is empty.  I guess his wife is not yet ready to leave her family especially her mother whom she loves the most.  We understand because leaving the person dearest to you isn’t easy.  One day, they informed us that they will be staying in the province of her wife until she gave birth.

Last week, the brother messages me saying that they will be in the city and they will be visiting us.  Their visit is a bit sad for me because the brother told me that they will be staying in the province for good.  They have started a small business there and so far it is earning profit.  They also built small house for them to stay.  They look happy and fine so we guess their life in the province/rural isn’t bad at all.  Aside from the earning in the small business they have in the rural place, they will also be earning from the house near us because someone will be renting it.  Whatever their decision is, I wish them all the best and success in life.  May God bless them and their new business.

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