Grateful to the free immunization

Immunization is very important to babies.  They have to have all vaccination needed from the day they were born.  This is to protect the little ones from various illnesses and bacteria.  Several vaccinations are a bit costly I must say.  I have once brought the nephew to the private pediatrician for his vaccination, and I tell you it is costly.  We do not have any choice but to take it because the vaccination that the nephew needs is not available in the Barangay Health Center yet.  Not all parents can afford to have this vaccination for their baby because of financial issues.

Because of the financial issues for the less fortunate ones, the Barangay Health Center now does have all the vaccination needed for the babies for free.  Yes, all you have to do is to bring your baby at the center and wait for your turn.  Patience is also important since there would be lots of mommies/parents are availing the free vaccination/s.  Parents/Mommies are so grateful for the free immunization/vaccination.  I bought already brought the nephew there to avail the vaccination for measles.  The nephew’s next vaccination schedule is four months from now.  The free vaccination/immunization does really helps the parents, also helps the parents save money.

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