Before the super typhoon Yolanda arrives, the people of the affected area in some areas in the Philippines are ready.  The evacuation centers have been set up; people are gathered in the evacuation area to secure their safety.  Because of the devastation of the typhoons in that hits the country in the past, the government does not want to happen it again.  They are aiming for zero casualties that is why use precautions.  Good thing the people in the affected areas are cooperating.  Before the super typhoon Yolanda arrives, the people are secured in the evacuation areas, have left their homes and secured their homes as well.

However, the zero casualties failed because the people are not expecting the storm surge.  The water from the sea rises up up to 4-5 meters high.  That water flushes the area including the evacuation area.  Because of the storm surge, many are drowned and died.  The area where they supposed to be secured is the area of some evacuee’s death.  Many areas in Leyte were badly devastated.  The aftermath of super typhoon Yolanda is so painful.  The typhoon washed away certain areas.  I have seen the videos and photos of the affected areas and it breaks my heart.  Thinking of how they are able to survived and fight for their lives makes me want to cry.  Well, this is part of life.  We cannot avoid the nature’s wrath.  But I believed that the people in the affected areas will be able to surpass these trials and will bring back the life that they used to have.  Through our help and the help of those kind hearts, they will be able to bounce back.  Also, through prayers and faith in God.

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