Preparing for his first birthday

My nephew Andrei will be celebrating his first birthday in less than two months.  Just like the usual, his mother (my sister) is now planning of what the celebration would be.  She wanted a simple celebration but a memorable one since it is her second son’s first birthday.  She is now doing the listing of the invited person, the foods we will go to prepare and the time of the celebration.  I am suggesting having a little children’s party for the kids to enjoy.  Although Andrei would not appreciate it as he is very little, in the future when he grows older, he will through photos.

The plan is not finalize yet, there are lots of options that the sister is considering.  Besides we have lots of time to think and finalize it.  Also, the sister is considering the allotted budget because next month, we will also celebrate the third birthday of her eldest.  I promised to help her in some finances on that day though but not a big one because my income is not that big.  I will help as much as I could.  If I have extra, I will give extra to my sister.  Hopefully I have extra because I have to save some too for my birthday.  I am also celebrating my birthday on the same month with the sister’s youngest.

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