Celebrate her son’s birthday at the province

The plans that the sister and I talked about for the past days about her son’s 3rd birthday celebration will not be able to push through.  It is because her husband told her that they are going to be at her in-laws town (in province), on the 24th of December to celebrate Christmas there.  Their son’s birthday is on the 25th.  I am a bit sad because I won’t be able to be there.  The sister is invited me to go with them, but thinking that I won’t be able to celebrate Christmas at home makes me sad.  Also, I have plans for the family this Christmas.  I am planning to go to the mall with them on the 25th (Christmas day).

I am going to miss the 3rd birthday of my nephew JC.  The sister asked me earlier if I could go with them and my answer is still no.  However, when she told me that no one will help her preparing the children’s party, I am now confused.  Why do they have to celebrate it in the province?  The sister told her husband to cancel it, instead they will have it here, but her husband got mad because his family is expecting them this Christmas and they are also excited to see the kids.  My sister might ask me again, so I have to think of my final answer.  Whatever it is, I wish JC a very happy 3rd birthday.

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