Done wrapping the gifts

The sister won’t be celebrating Christmas with us that’s why she decided to wrap the kids’ gifts early.  We usually do these two days before Christmas so the kids won’t so much excite.  The kids don’t have enough patience to wait for Christmas I must say.  They would open it right away or bugging us to allow them to open it.  We are done buying gifts for the kids two days ago and she already wrapped it.  She also wrapped my gifts for the kids.  Because they do not have any idea that their gifts are now ready, they keep on bugging me about it.  I just told them that I do not have budget to buy gifts for them.  Instead I asked them of what would be their gifts for

Anyways, the gifts are at my sister’s.  She will give it to them on the 24th before she will be leaving to go to her in-laws province.  Not like the previous years, there are no gifts below our Christmas tree.  This is for the welfare of our Christmas tree.  I remember last year, our 8ft Christmas tree fell down because the nephew is keep on under it checking and looking at the gifts.  I do not want it to happen again, so I opted not to put any gifts under the Christmas tree.  I wonder if they have any present for me this year.

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