Welcome us with flat tire

Because of the unexpected death of my uncle, the older brother and I have to travel to Bohol, Philippines to see him for the last time.  It was not the original plan because it is supposed to be my father and older brother will be going home, however, my father was attack by arthritis.  His knee and ankle is swelling.  It is not good for him to travel.  So, instead it was my brother and I who are going to Bohol.  We went to Bohol midnight of December 25, 2013 and we arrived in Cagayan de Oro, morning of December 26.

We wanted to arrive in Bohol as early as possible; we took the fast craft vessel.  The fare is a bit high, but we did not mind it because our goal is to arrive in Bohol on the afternoon of December 26, 2013.  We reached the city of Bohol at 4 O’clock in the afternoon.  And we have to travel an hour more to reach to my grandparents place.  However, it took us more than two hours because the public vehicle that we were riding was experiencing flat tire.  Argsh!  We do not have any choice but to wait till they fixed it.  Though Bohol welcomes us with a flat tire, it was still a success travel because we arrived on the plan date.  I thank God for our safe trip.

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