Four days in Bohol

Before the 2014 sits in, my brother and I went to Bohol because of the unexpected death of my uncle. I love to travel a lot; however, the travel I made last December 25, 2013 was not a happy one because we lost the very kind person in the family. But it is God’s will, all we have to do is to accept it and continue moving on. The day after the burial, the siblings of my uncle are arranging his stuffs. They are thinking of giving away some of his stuffs that he brought when he came back from other country and they will keep the other stuffs. One of the stuffs that they are going to keep is the gusher pump. Anyways, though the trip was not a happy one, still I am glad because I did able to meet some of the relatives that I haven’t meet yet. We did have a good time introducing each other and have a little bonding. Indeed, the four days in Bohol is memorable one. Till we meet again on our reunion.

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