Pearl accessories of my sister

Last Christmas, I saw my sister wearing a pearl necklace and earrings on their Christmas party. It really looks pretty and elegant. It is matches to her blue and white dress. Yes, I am envious and even asking her to give it to me. Haha! Unfortunately, the sister said no and told me to buy a set of pearls earrings and necklace for myself. I am thinking, why not? But first, I have to find pearl accessories that are nice and elegant like what my sister have. Since online shopping is in nowadays, I search for it online. Luckily I found the one I am looking for at Reeds for honora pearls. The pearls are really nice and pretty. The pearls are saying like come and get me. I have to save soon so I can buy the one I really like. And I will for sure show it to my sister.

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