One year and one month

 photo andreicrop_zps6ea8755c.jpgBaby Andrei is now one year and one month.  He getting bigger each day and can walk on his own.  We are happy because he is healthy and very bubbly kid.  Because he can walk on his own, he walks here and there and even climbed on the chair.  That makes us really tired because we have to give full attention to him.  He has fallen several times but still he continues doing it.  In fact he has scars on his knee, chin, and nose.  Oh, kids are kids.  He doesn’t like to be carried on our arms anymore.  He just wants to walk and walk.

We thank God for giving our baby Andrei a healthy body.  Thanks for always there to guide him especially when he sleeps.  He indeed gives the family lots of smiles and happiness just like the other five little ones in the family.  I pray that Andrei will grow a strong person, responsible, respectful and happy person.  I wish him all the best on his journey of living.  This is a bit late wish on his birthday, but as they say, better late than never.  Also, I pray to God that whatever decision Andrei will take as he grows older and in choosing a career in life, You will continue to guide him and may he be a blessing to others as he is to us.

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