Back to work

After experiencing a very difficult situation on his married life, their put up printing business is shut down.  The brother decided to go back to the city to unwind and relax while his wife is going somewhere.  I always told the younger brother not to dwell with it.  Instead he has to work hard, go back to work for his son.  It is not his loss because his son is with him.  Even though his wife is cheating on him, he is still open to accept her and give her a second chance.  We all deserve a second chance so he is giving it to his wife.  His wife comes back and as we expected, he accepted her without any questions.

They are starting over again, in their abode in our village.  Because their printing business has shut down, they are back to scratch.  I am sad he did not listen to me not to forgive his wife that easy, but I am glad that he did listen to me to get a job to support his son.  I have heard that he is back to work now.  Though we are not in good terms, I wish him the best in life.  I wish that he made the right decision in accepting his wife.  I also hope that his wife will not cheat him again.  I hope trust and honesty are present in their married life.

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