Moving on

I have mentioned in my previous post that the brother is struggling on his marriage life.  His wife left him and took their four months old son.  I can see the pain on his face, he feels like crying but he tried not to show it to us.  It was the second time his wife left, so the pain he felt isn’t easy.  He gave his wife a second chance but still left him to be with other guy.  It was the painful experience in his life.  They just married seven months ago, and now their married life is broke.

We have comfort him, and do our best as family to ease the pain the brother felt.  He slowly coping it up, though sometimes we caught him staring from nowhere.  I know it will take some time to fully recover; we will always be here for him and to make him realize that it is not his lost.  One day he will be seeing his son, we will just pray for that time to come soon.  It is time to move on, continue living and planning for the future.  As family, we will support him and help him to success so that his wife will feel sorry for what she did to him.  Move on brother, let go and enjoy the life ahead.

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