We will say pass

The family is planning to have our summer escapade away from the city this summer, just like we did last year.  The plans are almost done and we are all excited about it.  I have search of the place of where we go and have our summer escapade.  However, an unexpected turn of events happens in the family.  The younger brother is having problems with his married life.  His wife left him and took their son.   His mind is confused and he is so sad at the moment.  He cannot be with us because of the situation he is having right now.

Since the brother is cannot go with us, we will say pass for the planned escapade.  We cannot afford to enjoy and have fun while the brother is mourning because of what his wife did.  Instead we will be having a family outing in the nearest resort in the city.  It is summer and we wanted to soak in the water and swim.  This is happens once in a year.  The kids are waiting for this and always asking for it.  We wish that the brother will be going with us.  He needs to go out to relax his mind temporarily.  We are hoping that he will get over from this situation.

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