Family is not complete

The family outing is a one year plan. We planned it early so we know where to go and how much money needed for the outing. We want to tour the beautiful beaches at Samal Island each year for summer outing. We went to four different beaches already and praying to visit more beaches in the future. This is like our family bonding. The plan was perfect; we have come up with the amount needed for the outing. We are just waiting for the date of the family bonding until one unexpected event happens.

The younger brother is facing turbulence on his married life. We guess he can’t go with us. But still we are inviting him and his son for him to unwind ,rest and enjoy to lighten up the heavy feeling he has after his wife cheated on him and left him. Even though, we are still pursuing the summer outing because this is the only time where all the family members are free. We are sad that the brother can’t be with us because he chooses to forgive his wife and live far away from us. The family was not complete when we have our summer outing this year not like previous years and we are sad about it. However, we still enjoyed the outing with the absence of the brother. We hope that wherever he is right now, he is happy and enjoying the life he chooses.

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