I want to go to the zoo

When I was little, it is my dream to go to the zoo.  But it is not possible because we live in the province and the zoo is very far from us.  I just settle myself watching different kinds of animals and wild animals on television.  It was my mother who told us the characteristics and attitude of the animals we have seen on television.  However, I am still not satisfied with what I have seen on television and on what my mother told me, I still dream to go to the zoo one day.  Now that we live in the city, it is now possible to go to the zoo.  And I want to go to the zoo with the nephews and nieces soon and I will be bringing live wildlife cameras so I can take awesome pictures of all the animals at the zoo.  It would  be a great remembrance for me and the kids.  So when they grow older, they can tell to others that they have been to the zoo when they were little.

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