The babysitter is leaving

After working for one year, the babysitter is now leaving. She found a better job and better salary. We can’t do anything about it because we all look for better job and greener pasture. It is so sad because the timing is not right. The babysitter informed the sister on the day she is leaving. How is that? Of course the sister is shocked and angry of what she did. She is trying to tell her to stay until she finds new babysitter but her mind is set. She will leave because her new employer is waiting for her.

I felt really bad foe the sister and the nephews. No one will look after them now; no one will prepare foods and do the laundry for them. Since there is no new babysitter yet, the kids will be brought at home and I will be the temporary babysitter just like before. I do hope that they will find new one very soon because It will be very difficult for me to fetch the nephew at school bring the one year old nephew with me always. I will be very busy I must say until the new nanny/babysitter arrives. I hope I still have enough strength and energy to do it all. Good luck to me.

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