My first babysitting experience

I was six years old when my mother got very sick.  The family is so sad especially my father who is always out of town because of his work.  He is so worried because no one will look up to us.  The mother taught my sister and me on how to take good care of our younger brother.  Even if my mother is sick and needs to rest, still she taught us because she wants us to be a responsible individual when we grow old and when she is no longer around.   The mother also taught my two older brothers in doing household chores.  We do not have any idea how serious her condition is.  We just love her teaching us things that will make us a responsible individual.  Seems like she already know she will not stay longer for the family.  True enough, she left us so early.  We are so sad because we felt that the house is empty.  But her teachings remain in our hearts and minds.

My sister and I took over the responsibility to take good care of our five years old brother because my mother passed away too early.  It was very difficult because no mother to supervise us if we are doing the right thing.  Also it so hard because my mind is torn between staying in the house or be with my friends and play.  Taking care of my younger brother was my first babysitting experience.  Thanks to my loving mother.

Looking back, it has been 25 long years since the day my mother passed away.  25 long years of wishing she was here.  Even so, I am happy she taught us everything about taking care of babies/kids.

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