Observing what is happening

June 9, 2014 is the first day of classes for the nephew. It was his mother who brought him on the first day. She has to orient her son well so when she is not around he won’t cry looking for her. His first day was fine because he is with his mother. Though he doesn’t want to left inside the classroom and he is not yet participating in the class. Well, he is a bit shy just like her mom before. We do hope that he will overcome his shyness and will participate in the class.

On his second day, I brought him to school because his mother is back to school. It was really hard to leave him because he will cry. I have to stay closer to him so he wont cry and scream. Also, I help him getting his notebooks and tell him to listen and follow to his teacher. I enjoyed watching the nephew though. I took some photos too as remembrance and to show it to his mother. The nephew is so behave at his class. He is like observing what is happening around him. Also he participate when I told him. I am pretty sure the nephew will do good at school.

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