Reminds me of my late mother

Bitter melon “Ampalaya” is my favorite vegetable.  It was my late mother who forced me to eat bitter melon when I was younger.  The mother used her power just to force me to eat bitter melon.  She always told me that this vegetable is very nutritious.  After several attempts, I am beginning to like the bitter taste of this vegetable.  She prepared grilled bitter melon and mixed it with grilled beef liver.  I did not like the taste of it so the mother prepared bitter melon with egg.  The bitter taste is still there but I get used to it and did like the taste of it until now.

The photo you see is the bitter melon with egg that I prepared two days ago for lunch.  FYI, I ate it all because it was really yummy.  I forgot my diet on that day.  Every time I prepare this dish, I always remember my dearest mother who used to prepare this dish for the family.  When I think about it, it made me sad because I missed my mother.  It made me sad also thinking and wishing that she is still with us and tasting my own version of bitter melon with egg dish.  I am pretty sure that my mother would be proud of me and would love my cooking talent.

I am beginning to introduce this dish to the nieces and nephew.  Sad to say they did not like it and will cry every time I forced them to eat.  But I will never give up like what my mother did to us.  I will see to it that the kids will appreciate the taste of bitter melon one day because it is indeed a very nutritious vegetable.

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