The hardest part of babysitting

One of the hardest to do for me about babysitting is about feeding the baby with solid foods.  It is indeed very hard especially on the first day because baby will cry and do not want to eat since they are used to milk.  And this is what I am going through right now.  My nine months old nephew starts to eat solid foods for a week now and I can tell it is not easy.  He wants to take the spoon, do not want to open his mouth, wants to stand up and worse is spitting the foods.  Added to this experience is that my nephew is very picky when it comes to what foods he is going to eat.  He is a smart baby I can tell because he can distinguish about the taste of the foods.  He just stores the foods on the side of his mouth, not chewing it and spit it after.  Irritates me but makes me smile because he is only nine years old and already know how to fool  So cute though and funny.

It is very true that when you are going to babysit a baby it requires much patience for you not to get angry easily.  Babies and kids are very messy and noisy that makes the babysitting job a tiring one.  But a wonderful experience because do makes me smile; understand their innocent life and simple life.

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