It is your choice after all

In our life we make decisions. It is like a stare that we have to step on for us to move forward. it is not easy to make decisions because we are afraid to commit mistakes and failed. Though failure is part of every success in life, still we are scared because failure will affect our self-confidence. I myself failed in getting what I want, it is painful and frustrating because I am doing my hardest but still I failed. Because of what happened, I stopped for a while. It is like I have to pick up the pieces, gather it again and anew.

However, getting our goals and dreams won’t be possible if we just quit in every failure. Failure is like an obstacle that we have to surpass for us to keep going. Failures are the best tools to do harder, dream big and aim high. Making decisions is not easy especially if we already have committed several failures. But if we determined and we believe in ourselves things will fall into places and it will run smoothly as we have planned. The questions is can we really make it? Yes, we can and we must. At the end of the day it is really our choice after all.

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