Getting used to cold water

The babies cannot sustain the coldness of the water that comes from the faucet that is why we used warm water to bath them.  Some babies are crying every time they are in the water which is normal I think because they feel cold.  This is opposite to my nephew because he loves to bath a lot and played the water.  Most of the time I took my nephew a bath because his parents are also busy preparing themselves to go to work.  I have to boil water for him to not feel very cold while taking him a bath.

Now that my nephew one year old, we trained him to take a bath with water from the faucet.  No more warm water for him to get use of the water from the faucet.  At first it is very difficult because he cries when he feels very cold.  But after days of doing it, he is now used to it.  I do not have to boil water to put in his tub before taking a bath.  I am happy that my nephew is very cooperative.  He can now take a bath without hot water to mix with the cold one.  If ever we are on travel for vacation, there is no problem in taking him a bath especially if there is no hot water available.

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