Thinking of closing my account

I have two bank accounts. One is for my online earning and the other one is for my savings. However, because the blogging is very slow right now, I do not have any choice but to withdraw money from my other bank account to pay my bills and for personal needs. I have made series of withdrawal and was not able to make a single deposit. I didn’t notice that the money left in my other bank account is the limited balance only. And I have unpaid bill too. I have tried to borrow money from my sister to settle the unpaid bill but the sister does not have extra.

I felt really sad thinking that I do not have any choice but to withdraw the remaining balance in my other bank account. I do not want to close it but I do not have any option. I have talked to my sister about it and she told me to just close my other account. Just the thought of closing it breaks my heart. I wish I can think of other way than to close it because I really can’t afford to close my other bank account.

If you were me, would you close your account?

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