Trying the healthy lifestyle

We only have one life and one body that needs to be taken care of properly for once it is broken or damaged, it cannot be replaced.  Yes, it can be repaired but when the damaged is severe, there is nothing we can do to bring it back to normal.  That is why we have to take good care of our body, and handle it with lots of care.  We should eat healthy foods to live a healthy lifestyle, however, because of our busy schedule; we prefer to eat instant foods which are not good because it has preservatives that are not good to our health/body.

The sister wanted to live a healthy lifestyle that is why she decided to eat vegetables, fruits and oil free foods.  Instead of buying instant foods, she prefers to cook for herself and her family. Because her friend told her that drinking carrot and apple juice is very good to the body, the sister bought a juice maker so she can make her own apple and carrot juice.  She has been drinking apple and carrot juice for a week now and she likes it.  She feels that her body is not too heavy compared before where she eats meats and oily foods.  Eating vegetables, fruits and fresh juices are good for the skin as well, so I might try this soon.  I hope I can.

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