Training him drinking milk in a glass

The nephew will turn four in two months and he is still drinking his milk through feeding bottle. The sister wanted him to start drinking his milk using the glass but the nephew refuses. He will only cry very loudly and won’t drink it unless we transferred the milk in the feeding bottle. His reason is that, why he can’t drink in the feeding bottle while his brother can? Funny isn’t it? We let him win this time to stop him from crying because his scream so loudly and it is so annoying. That is how smart the nephew is. He has reason for everything. I bet he will be a great debater when he grows

Even though we let him win most of the time, we are still trying to make him understand and explain to him that he is growing bigger, becoming an older brother and an older brother doesn’t drink milk in the feeding bottle. It would be a difficult task to make him understand what we are saying at his age, however, we will probably use the easy way that he would understand what we are saying. Since I spend more time with him since his parents are both working, I will be the one doing the task. I hope my patience is enough not to get angry when he cries, screaming and yelling protesting if I give his milk in the glass. Good luck to me.

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