Love your lung

My brothers and father are smoker back then. Each day of their lives, we always told them to stop smoking for our own good because even if we do not smoke, still we are affected for possible lung problems because we smell the smoke from their cigarettes. Years have passed my older brother stops smoking first. It was SIL who persuaded the older brother to quit smoking for their health especially the kids. The father stops smoking after his kidney operations. And the second older brother quit smoking after hospitalized due to difficulty in breathing. Too bad they have to experience these before realizing to stop smoking.

Our lung is one of the most important parts in our body. We should take good care of it if we want to live a longer life and illness free. Smoking is one thing that will destroy our lungs. Not only the smokers can be affected and also the secondary smokers. It is sad to know that others are not considered to others. They smoke anywhere they want and like and do not matter if they are in the middle of many people. I do hope that they will realized soon that smoking is not helping them but instead taking years of their life here on earth. Let us take good care of our lungs. To smokers, it is not too late to stop smoking be healthy.

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