One week break

Waking up early is too tiring for me because I sleep late. But I do not have a choice but to get up and get myself ready to fetch the five years old nephew at school. After arriving from fetching the five year old nephew, I have to prepare the three year old nephew for school too. These two nephews make my days so busy. It is so tiring I must say because I love doing it and I like to him the family/my siblings because they do not have a nanny to take care of their kids while they are at work. Doing these also allows me to meet new people and make new friends too.

Even though I like my new time schedule now, still I get tired and I need a break. I am wishing that the kids will have at least a day or two off from school so I can take some rest and relax myself. My wish was granted because the kids have one week break from school. Woohoo! I do not have to wake up early. I will have more time to sleep in the morning and nap in the afternoon. I so missed being in my room, sleeping, resting and facing my computer when I want to. My new job keeps me away from facing my computer. I do not have the energy anymore to do my online stuffs because I get so tired after fetching the five year old in the morning, and be with the three year old in the afternoon at school. One week break is awesome! Thanks God!

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