Recording Game play Videos Will Never Make The Game Lag Anymore

Gamers all over the world have some kind of mutual understanding of the unspoken kind. Latest games played by people are often recorded and uploaded onto the internet. This lets the people see and feel the game from a gamer’s perspective. These videos also serve as walkthroughs and help fellow gamers beat the game with much ease. Some gamers also make movies out of the gameplay videos. Watching the videos feels a lot like playing the games first hand. However most recording software put there take up a lot of Random Access Memory which causes the game to lag and give a lower rate of frames per second.

Newer Gaming Recording Software With Loads Of Features

The newer software is made by various companies and is all on the internet, up for free downloads. The latest software let the gamers make an epic movie out of the missions they passed on the games list. Ace gamers often make videos on different levels of difficulty to prove their mettle.

The functions can all be accessed with the push of a button while the game is running. The gaming recording software run on the background as the games runs above it. Once game plays starts all it takes is the push of a shortcut key and the record is initiated.

The newer software is more flexible as they allow the user to save the videos in various formats. The videos can even be transferred and played on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

The multiple audio inputs let the user record the game sound and his/her voice simultaneously. This lets the commentary and game sound run hand in hand in perfect synchronization. Small sound snippets from the game can also be recorded and transformed into ringtones. These files can also be saved in various formats like .wav, .mp3, .wma, .flac, etc.

The software also allows users to edit and share their videos across various video streaming and social networking websites. The all integration features on various recording software help gamers and take them to a whole new level.

How To Record Games

  • The first step is always downloading the .exe file from the internet download link. Separate links are available for different operating systems like Linux, Mac, Windows, etc.
  • The installation has to be carried out after the download is complete. The installation lets the user decide the location of the installed program.
  • The calibration comes next as the software configures the settings automatically and selects the available audio devices.
  • Before recording a game the user must select the record game feature from the modes menu. This enables a larger resolution without lags.
  • Once that is done the game can be started and the shortcut key must be pressed when the user wants to start or pause the record session.
  • After the record is complete the user is taken to the edit screen which lets him/her select the format the video is to be saved in. It also lets him/her select a location on the HDD.

Movavi aid in this pursue with its software.

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