Teaching him on how to write his name

Five months has passed and the nephew is enjoying his life as a student in pre-school. He gained new friends and he is not that shy anymore. He likes to play with his classmates as well. About their lessons, he is coping up fast however, the nephew has this attitude of being lazy. He will write when being told to, but stops when he does not want to write anymore. I am losing my patience when teaching him at home because he will not hold his pencil properly. Sometimes I think he is feed up with too many letters and numbers to write. I understand him though because he is only three years old.

Since they are done practising and writing the letters in the alphabet, the teacher told us to teach him to write his full name. I had a big sigh to be honest because I bet this would be a war with the nephew. Knowing the nephew, writing his two names and family name is a torture to him. It is his mom’s turn to teach him how to write his name. I will try to teach him when I can because my patience is too small for the nephew.lol Kidding aside, I guess it would be best if his mom and dad will teach him because they know how to motivate him. They have ways I must say. Good luck to them and to my nephew’s temper and laziness.lol

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