It made my dream come true

I never dream to be a dressmaker but I do dream to be a fashion designer when I was young. I like to draw gowns and dresses when I was teens. Back when I was in high school, I have collections of the gowns and dresses that I draw. It is my inspiration to pursue my dream to become a fashion designer. After my high school graduation, I told my sister of what course I am going to take in college. She understands my dreams and told me to pursue it if I really want it. We went to school that offers the course that I like. However, that course that I like is very expensive. My father cannot afford it. I ended up studying commerce in the school where my older sister attended.

Though I am sad that I was not able to pursue my dream, I am still glad that I was able to finished college. Maybe being a fashion designer and making dresses is no for me. However, my dream to make dresses when I was young did come true. Yes, it did come true when the SIL told me if I could make/sew the kids costumes. My talent of making dress is measured and I am pressured because I only have three days to make it. I was challenge and happy because it did make my dream come true because of the kids.

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