For future use

When the older brother got hospitalized three years ago, it cost us a lot because the brother does not have health insurance. I realized then to get a health insurance for myself and for my brother. It is really important to get health insurance because of the benefits we can get if we were hospitalized. I planned to apply for health insurance last year but was not able to because I always forgot. I am also waiting for the older brother’s decision too. Because I don’t have permanent income, my older brother will shoulder the monthly obligation. I am glad he agreed to pay my health insurance as well.

One thing in my list when the year 2015 sets in is to apply for health insurance. It is in my top priority because health is important. We do not know when we will need it. I have talked to my brother already told him the amount he is going to pay upon applying. We now have health insurance and I am happy that I am able to fulfil the first on my list. We do not wish to get sick but this thing is sometimes unavoidable so we have to be ready all the time. The health insurance is for future use.

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