Looking for blood type O donor

We have a neighbor who is like a family to us.  I have known him since he was still in the elementary.  Also, have watched him grow until he for married.  My father was one of his principal sponsor when he got married.  He and his family is very close to us.  Two years ago he got really sick.  He was brought to the hospital by his mother because he turns yellowish and he is swelling.  There they found out that he has kidney failure.  He is very ill.  He was advised to undergo dialysis because of kidney malfunction.  We were shocked because he is too young to have this kind of illness.

Right now he is badly needed of blood type O because his hemoglobin went down to 69.  He asked me if I know someone whose blood type is O.  Luckily my older brother’s blood type is O.  I already told him, but he did not come to our house to talk to my brother.  He just sent me message through Facebook.  I wanted him to come to our house so he can talk to my brother so my brother will know when will they go to the hospital.  But he did not come, instead he got mad posted on his Facebook wall not so good status.  I calm myself and try to understand him because he really badly needed the blood.  I hope he will find time to come to our house, or maybe find someone who can donate blood for him.  I pray for him and I hope God will give him more strength.

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