Ready for the competition

I have posted in my other blog about my niece preparation for the RSPC (Regional School Press Conference). I can see the eagerness of the niece to win and give pride to their school. She has been practicing a lot writing about sports. She is one of the five candidates that represent their school. I wish the niece good luck and I hope she will succeed. The sister did encourage her and motivate her to do well and win because she failed before when the sister represents our school. The sister wanted the niece to win for her dream that never happen before.

Anyways, the long wait is over because the three days competition starts this day, February 5, 2015. The delegates from different schools arrived. The niece competes on the second day of the competition. By looking at her, I can say that she is tense but ready for the competition. She is prepared and trained well by her mentors. I really wish to watch her compete but no one will look after the younger ones at home. I may not be there to cheer my niece, my prayers are always there to support her and wish her win. Good luck Ronna.

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