Preschool recognition day

Few days ago was the recognition day of my preschooler nephew.  His parents are very much excited because their son made it.  We are not expecting that the nephew will last this long because he is very lazy to write and doesn’t want to study.  I remember he told us that he will only write when the teacher is around.  A bit stubborn huh!?  But we are not forcing him to do what we want.  We let him do on his freewill.  We do not want him to think that schooling is a torture.  As much as possible we want him to have an enjoyable first year of school.

Anyways, nine months are over.  It’s recognition day, the day where students are waiting for.    The nephew was very happy receiving three ribbons.  He said that he is a good boy in class that is why teacher is giving him ribbons.  I must say that the nephew has lots of improvements.  He can recognize colors, count numbers, recognize letters and can draw.  Also, he gain friends at school.  Congratulations to my nephew.  It’s a long way to go, I do hope that you will do better in the upcoming years of studying.  Your parents are proud of you!

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