Renewal of Baptism on Easter Sunday


Easter Sunday is the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead after three days.  Christ has risen, as they say.  Let us all rejoice for Jesus Christ defeated death and save us all.  I have always attended mass on Easter Sunday.  There is an activity before the mass.  They call it the encounter, where Jesus Christ meets Mother Mary after His death.  It has procession and little kids acts as angels are singing.  It feels really good because once I am one of the angels back when I was younger.  How I wish the nieces likes to be one of the angels, but they doesn’t.

Anyways, in the middle of the mass there is another activity.  It is the renewal of the baptism.  Wherein baptized individual will be bless again by the priest.  We will be renewed as Christians/Catholics.  We are told to bring candle that will be using on the renewal of baptism.  I am glad for I did not able to take part of renewal of the baptism because I went to province with my sister to have short vacation.  We attended the Easter Sunday mass and renewed as baptized Christians/Catholics yesterday.  Thanks God!  Happy Easter everyone!

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