Filipina OFW faces death in Indonesia

As much as I wanted not to post a sad article, I just can’t help myself but to speak through this my opinion and my sympathy to the Filipina OFW how is facing death in Indonesia this week for drug trafficking.  Her case is not simple.  Many have been sentenced to death for drug trafficking.  This is not a new issue to the country, and Mary Jane Veloso is not the only Filipinsa facing the same.  The government have been appealing to the Indonesian government to review her case to prove her innocence and to save her life, but the Indonesian government did not listen to the plea of the family of Mary Jane and the Philippine government.

I felt really sad for her and her family.  Her main purpose of going abroad is to work to help the family back home, but that dream was stolen by the dirty works of certain individual.  The drugs were found inside her lagged when she arrives at the airport of Java, Indonesia.  Her dreams were crashed down, her life changed, and her future is gone.  How cruel the person who did this to her.  Well, as they say the damage has been done and there is no way we can return it back.  I just pray for her and her family.  If the execution happens, may God bless her soul and may she rest in peace with the Lord.

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