Insomnia Attack

It’s been a long time since I have this insomnia attack.  I can’t sleep even if I feel tired and keep on yawning.  Every time I close my eyes, there are lots of things that enters in my brain that keeps me awake.  I guess I am mentally stressed.  I do not really know the reason of this insomnia attack.  Maybe my mind is fully occupied of things that I do not know.  I talked to my sister about it and she has the same problem sometimes.  She just told me to free my mind from thinking too much before going to sleep.

I have tried what my sister told me tonight, but still I can’t sleep.  I decided to get up, open my laptop and do something that makes this insomnia attack fruitful.  And yes, the best way is to update my blogs.  I hope I can think of things that I can share in my other blogs since I have lots in my mind that keeps me awake up to this time.  Rooster and making noise already and I am still here fully awake.  Time check, it is 3:38 in the morning.  I guess I need to hit the hay.  Hopefully when I close my eyes, I will fell asleep fast.  Good mornight to me.

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