Do not want to undergo another operation

My father has undergone kidney stone operation eight years ago.  After the operation, we did not visit his doctor anymore because we thought he is okay already.  However, after eight years the father is having the same pain and his arthritis is keep on visiting.  He can’t walk sometimes because his joints are swelling especially the knee.  We are so worried about the father situation that is why we brought him to the rheumatologist.  We are advised to get ultrasound of his kidney and two laboratory test for Creatinine and Uric Acid.

The result of the laboratories are not good.  The stones are present in his both kidneys and Creatinine and Uric Acid are too high.  The rheumatologist advised us to visit the doctor/surgeon again for us to understand more the father situation.  We felt sad because of the father’s situation.  We went to the doctor/surgeon and hand him the laboratory results.  The doctor/surgeon is so sad of the result and told us to have X-ray of the father’s kidney for him to know the kidneys situation if the father needs to undergo another operation.  But the father is not open for another operation.  He said he is too old for that and told us that he will just wait till his time comes.  Hopefully, the kidney’s situation is not that bad so the father will not undergo another operation because he is not willing to do so.

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