Missed their summative examination

My six (6) years old nephew is doing well at school.  On his first three weeks, he is showing good results in their daily quizzes, drawing, writing and reading.  Just like his two sisters, he is studious and very competitive student.  He likes to open his notebooks and books than go out and play with his friends.  In preparation for their first summative examination, the nephew is studying his lessons every night, he practice reading and spelling as well with his mother.  Sometimes I help him when his mother is not around.  I must say that he is so ready for the examination.

However, the nephew had fever after their father’s day celebration at the beach.  He was absent from his class for a week because he is not feeling well.  His temperature reaches 39.8 degrees.  His mother brought him to the doctor already.  The doctor said that the cause of his fever is due to stress.  He got so tired that is why his body collapsed.  We felt relieve because it is not dengue fever.  We already bought the prescribed medicines.  The nephew is getting better and we are so happy.  But sad that he missed their first summative examination.   Good thing their teacher will give him special examination.

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