Overcome his shyness

My four years old nephew is a shy one.  He doesn’t want to show his skill/s to anybody.  He just do it on his own and without no one watching.  Though I have noticed him dancing, singing (even if the lyrics is not clear), acting many times and it made me smile.  When he was still in preschool, it it really a struggle to convince him to join when they have activity and presentation at school.  He is a shy one when many people are watching.  Well, kids are like that right and they have to overcome it though it may take lots of convincing power.LOL

Anyways, last Friday during their nutrition month culmination they have dance presentation.  I have not seen them practicing, so I do not know if the nephew is participating or not.  I saw him making actions at home while I was preparing dinner and when I asked him what he is doing, he will just answered me nothing.  I thought he is just copying the dance steps he saw on television.  Last Friday is the day and I am very much excited to see how the nephew participates.  I am surprised because he dance and no longer shy.  He overcome his shyness I must say and I am so proud of my nephew.  Keep it up JC!

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