Costume party event

My cousin’s daughter will celebrates her 18th birthday this month.  It will be a costume party.  The best costume will received a prize.   Too bad because the best in costume contest is for kids only.  I really wanted to join.LOL  Well, I would love to experience this costume party for once.  Good thing we have five kids at home.  They will be joining the party and will wear costumes.  I will just think that I am the one wearing the costume instead of them.  My nephews and nieces will be fulfilling my childhood dreams.

I already talked to my brother and sister about the invitation that was sent to me by my cousin.  They just answered me with a smile.  I smiling means yes, then the kids will be attending the costume party.  The question is, where to borrow a costumes? There are lots costumes for rent in the city, the problem is we do not have money to rent five costumes.  For sure it will be costly.  The timing is not good because right now we are on tight budget.  The party is in two week hopefully we can get costumes, if not, better luck next time fr the kids.  If only I know someone or I have friends who has costumes for their kids that I can borrow.

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