Enhance Architectural Style With the Right Roof

Your home’s roof has a big impact on appearance, but it also protects your home from the outdoor elements. Since your roof covers such a large area, it’s important to select a roofing material that compliments the architectural style of your home. By choosing the right roof you can enhance the beauty of your home with a new roof that will last for many years.

Different styles of architecture reflect different roof styles with various shapes, pitches and overhangs. By following your home’s style, your roof will reflect a more authentic look. If you’re not sure what style home you have, do a little online research to look for similar features. Here are some good style tips to follow:


Colonial-style homes typically have symmetrical facades with front porches, porch railings and balanced features. On two-story colonial homes, the second-story roof line always has a high-pitch while the first-story roof line is broad and sloping.
Style Tip: Gray or black slate-look shingles accented with hues of brown, blue or red work well.

English Tudor

Tudor-style homes are typically built with red or tan brick with facades that are accented by cross-gables in gray or brown. Warm roofing colors will best enhance this style. English Tudor roofs are typical steep and high-pitched, so installation requires an experienced roofer for safety.
Style Tip: Warm gray, tan and brown shingle roofs will accent architectural features.


Victorian-style homes have complex roof lines that often consist of multiple levels, high dormer windows and steep-pitched turrets. This complicated roof style requires a professional roofing contractor with knowledge and experience in installation.
Style Tip: Slate-look shingles in tan, brown, red or dark gray are perfect for this style.


Craftsman-style homes have expansive roof lines with large, low overhangs, so the roof style has a major impact on your home’s appearance. Craftsman architecture has unique features only found on this style, so it’s important to choose a roof that looks authentic.
Style Tip: Wood-shake shingles in earth tones like tan, brown, green, red and gray are great.


Modern homes emphasize clean lines and low-pitched roof lines. Many even have flat roofs. To enhance architectural style and features select a simple roof style and material that won’t overpower the simplicity of modern style.
Style Tip: Asphalt shingles in brown, gray or black will compliment modern features.

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