Career Guidance Day

Yesterday was the Career Guidance Day of my nephew at school.  This is sort of knowing the kids thought of what would they want to become when they grow up.  What profession they are dreaming and want to achieve in the future.  The kids are encourage to wear costumes on the profession they are dreaming of.  But wearing costumes is not compulsory.  I wanted the nephew to wear costumes but the problem is he is confused of what he wants to become.  His mother (my sister) wants him to become a priest but my nephew wants to become a soldier.

Anyways, the Career Guidance Day was successful.  Lots of kids are wearing costumes and some are just wearing casual wear.  But even though they are wearing casual wear (including my nephew), they know what they want to become with they grow old.  They have simple fashion show at school.  I am so proud of my nephew because he is not shy anymore.  He went on the stage when his name is called and strike a pose.  The soldier in the making is making us so proud of him.  I hope that he will achieved his dream in life.  See the image of my nephew striking a pose.

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