The danger of vapor intrusion

One of the alarming problems today is vapor intrusion.  This vapor intrusion occurs when the chemical vapors migrated through the soil into the foundations of the buildings or basements from the contaminated groundwater or soil.  This is due to improper waste disposal from industrial sites, uses of petroleum products, dry cleaning solvents, and many industrial chemical contains VOCs.  Vapors that comes from chemical called the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that easily evaporates into air.  These chemical vapors sometimes posing risks to human health because it degraded the indoor air.  This is an environmental contamination that only the health officials/regulators or more knowledgeable person about environment can help.  Because of the studies they have conducted to solve this very alarming issue that is not good for the environment also to all human beings.

People that smell these chemical vapors may experience eye and respiratory irritation, headache, nausea or other symptoms.    Not only that, in some cases, it increases the risk of cancer if too much exposure.  These are the danger that caused by vapor intrusion.  Individuals that can be easily affected because of sensitive conditions are the pregnant women or may become pregnant, infants and young children, elderly, and people with chronic disease or compromised immune system.  It is indeed very alarming.  We should take care of ourselves because it is not easy to get sick and worse to get a very difficult diseases like cancer.  We should not put our life and the life of our love ones at risk and in danger, contact the right agency/company that will surely help us solving this issue.

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