The result is not good

After taking all the medicines prescribed by the doctor, my father and I went to the hospital yesterday to have laboratory tests.  The father took FBS, URIC and CREA tests.  The tests needed before going back to his doctor for follow-up.  The results came up in the afternoon.  We were sad because of the URIC and CREA results that went a bit high to the previous tests made.  We do not know what is wrong when in fact the father took all the medicines and avoided the foods that is not good for him.

We are worried because the doctor said that high URIC and CREA will damage father’s kidney.  Right now the father has stones on both kidneys and we are advice to get shock wave since the father do not want to undergo another operation.  Because we do not have the money yet, we just bought the medicines prescribed and father also take herbal medicines hoping that his condition will get better.  However, after seeing the result I guess we need to do the shock wave as soon as possible to save father’s kidneys.  Tomorrow we will go to the doctor to show father’s laboratory result, we expect that the doctor will say bad news since the result is not good.

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