Seeking for financial support

My father undergone kidney operation eight years ago.  It was very tough then because we do not know where to get the money and we need it as soon as possible because the father is in pain due to the stone.  My sister loan money from the bank.  The operation was successful and we are glad that the kidney is intact and in good condition.  For eight long years, the father did not go to his doctor anymore for follow up.  To him, the stone is gone and his kidney is good as new. However, the kidney stone is back and in both left and right kidney.  He already feels lower back pain but not severe like before.

We went to the doctor and did some laboratory tests.  There are multiples stones forming in his kidneys.  The doctor suggested for another operation but my father refuses.  He do not want to undergo another operation.  We asked the doctor if there is another way to get rid of the stone without operation.  And the doctor suggested the shock wave method.  It is a bit costly and we do not know where to get the money.  The sister cannot loan anymore because she has unpaid loans.  We seek for helps from friends and charity institutions.  Hopefully we will get some financial support from the institution that we are planning to go.  We needed it very badly because the doctor told us that it is best to do the shock wave ASAP.  Help us God!

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