May you rest in peace

My cousin is battling for lung cancer for years now.  It was in October 2012 when she was diagnosed of having stage four of lung cancer.  Her whole world collapses when the doctor told her that and the worse she was given six months to live.  Tears are overflowing and even asked God why.  He undergone chemotherapy and tired possible things that will cure  her but her cancer is very aggressive.  It spread on some parts of her body and organs.  She is in pain but not showing it to her family.  She always said she is fine even when we noticed that she isn’t.  She only prayed to God that she will be able to go back to her family before her time to leave comes.

Her prayers were answered because she arrived in the country two months ago from Japan with her daughter and sister.  Her condition is worsen.  She can stand up and can’t speak clearly.  She cries when in pain.  The six months reaches to 2 1/2 years.  She wants to fight but her body is so weak.  Her family talked to her, tell her to go and her daughter will be safe.  After hearing those words, she close her eyes.  It is very painful to see a family member leaving however, it is double the pain when you see her/him in pain every day.  She is now free from pain and will be in God’s place.  Rest in peace Manang Gloria.

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