Partly, I am blaming myself

A friend of mine offered me a puppy years ago, I said no then because of the kids at home.  It is not safe having puppy with lots of kiddos at home.  It best to be safe.  I told her to offer me again after three years.  I really wants to have a puppy just like hers.  I am glad that she offered me again four months ago.  I am so excited because the puppy is really cute.  My puppy is now four months old.  The kids loves to play with him.  I always remind the kids to not go near the puppy, do not play with him and not to bother the puppy when eating.

Even if I reminded the kids all the time, kids are kids.  They like to tease the puppy, make the puppy run after them and carry the puppy.  Just recently, my niece accidentally bite by the puppy.  I am so angry, worried and sad.  As much as I do not want to think negatively, I can’t help it.  I am thinking the worst thing.  I even think that if something bad happened to my niece, I am to blame.  The niece had vaccine shots already, but needs to more shots.  I hope after the three shots, the niece is safe.  Also, I am praying to God that the puppy is free from rabies.

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