The Month of Rosary

The month of October is the Holy Rosary month.  This is the good time to commit praying the rosary for the whole month.  This is also considered the perfect prayers because it lies the story of our salvation.  Through the Rosary, we Catholic, also meditate the mysteries of joy, of sorrow and the glory of Jesus and Mary.  This is a simple and humble prayer like Mary.  Praying the Rosary is one way of talking to Mary and Jesus.  She is the mediator between Jesus (Her son) and us (His people).  We can also ask anything to her because she always grants our request because Jesus never say no to His Beloved Mother.

Anyways, in our village we have house to house service praying the Holy Rosary.  We encourage young ones to lead the Rosary.  And I am proud to say that my two nieces are leading the Rosary.  My father (their grandfather) teaches them how to pray the Holy Rosary.  Seeing them leading the Rosary makes me father happy and so proud of his grandchildren.  I hope that they will be more prayerful and will continue doing this till they grow older and passes it to their grandchildren in the future.  May God bless them always!

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